Secure Call

Secure Call Overview

Secure call is an exclusive Harei feature for Premium members that allows users to communicate on their own phones without exposing either members phone number or personal information. Secure call uses our encrypted servers to connect you to your interest in a safe environment where you can speak without giving up your privacy. 

Sending A Secure Call Invite

You can send a secure call invite by going to the member’s profile, and locating the “Call” button in the communication bar under their brief “About Me.” You will have to enter your phone number that you would like the call to be placed to. (This info will not be seen by us or the person you are placing the request with.) You can then send the invite and you will be alerted on the site and in your personal email when/whether it as been accepted. 

Accepting A Secure Call Request

To accept a Secure call, click the “Dashboard” button in the navigation bar and the notification will appear in the box that reads “Your Notifications.” Select "All Notifications" and you can accept your Secure Call.

After you have accepted your Secure Call request, you must both be online at the same time to place the call. (You can organize what time to go online through messages!)