Photo Guidelines

Photo Guidelines

Do I need to post a photo? :

While not required, photos are important.  Experience has proven that members are 14 times more likely to express positive feedback and engage in communication when photos are provided.

Though photos are recommended, there are those that strongly feel that photos should not be a prerequisite in the dating scene. These people feel that requesting a photo is superficial and should not be the predetermining factor when choosing to date another member.

Photo Guidelines:

  • Pictures must be in .gif.jpg, or .png formats.
  • The size of your photo may not exceed more than 5mb.
  • Pictures that are fuzzy, unclear or take up less than 50% of the allotted space cannot be accepted.
  • Pictures must be right-side up.
  • Group pictures are not accepted for profile pictures.
  • Pictures containing celebrities are not permitted.
  • Cartoons, paintings, or drawings are not valid.
  • Pictures of a member holding any weapon is not acceptable. The exception to this of course, is if the member is in the military.
  • Pictures that have been "photoshopped" are not permitted.
  • Pictures that contain personal or identifying information are not permitted.
  • Pictures bearing a copyright symbol are not permitted.
  • Photos must be recent. It may be tempting to post an old photo, in which one appears younger – but it is dishonest and ultimately self defeating.

    Remember: You would like your photo to closely resemble the way you appear on your first date.